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Diamond Select Toys (or "DST") was founded in 1999 by Sister Diamond Comic Distributors, as a manufacturer of toys and collectibles for children and adults of all ages. With the acquisition of asylum art in 2007 and Gentle Giant Ltd. In 2019, their wide range of products, licenses and talents earned them the motto "The best of all worlds" and made it one of the main suppliers of specialized comics. market.

working with 2D and 3D artists from around the world, DST develops items in a wide range of product categories, including select action figurines, minimum minimum features, electronic vehicles , vinyl banks, busts and resin statues, kitchen utensils and accessories. replicas. Their licenses are just as diverse, acquired thanks to partnerships with Disney, Universal, Sony, CBS, Fox, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros., Marvel Comics, Toho and more.

DST has its registered office at Hunt Valley, MD, with offices in New York and Hong Kong. They do not offer visits, but you can come and meet DST staff when they appear at the International Comic-Con in San Diego and the New York Comic-Con in New York.
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