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Once upon a time there was a Joker from Manchester on a rare evening when, just before Chucky's release time, he met a Wonder Woman from London. He loved superheroes, sci-fi and retro games while she enjoyed Amblin shopping with her friends. It was a wonder they were so big on each other and he thought he was Lord of the Rings when he proposed and she said yes. They decided to go into life and business together and, the thing is, even though things were a little rocky when she had him sell his Street Fighter arcade machine as an evil resident, it wasn't. the end of the world.

Back To The Future and Fanattik no longer work from the Room of Doom (also known as Anthony & Louise's Garage) because we needed more space for all the new gifts and collectibles we're creating. We were joined by a team of other pop culture folks, fueled by their own fandoms, based in our new Cheshire HQ where there's even room for an arcade again! We remain a family business (Louise and Anthony's kids take credit for the TMNT Sewers and Ladders board game idea) and would like to thank all game geeks and movie buffs for your custom and kinship.

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